When Brightening Your Teeth, Consider Getting Them Whitened Professionally

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Our teeth are a precious commodity. Not only do they aid in eating delicious food, but they have aesthetic value. Pearly white teeth are the ideal condition to show off when we smile. We at N.J. Nicastro Dental PC understand how much you value your smile. Schedule an appointment with Drs. Nicastro and Felpo today for a professional whitening treatment.

Retail whitening products contain harsh chemicals and hardware that can possibly damage your teeth. Store bought whitening kits also have the disadvantage of not being nearly as powerful as our whitening gel. Our treatment will leave your pearly white teeth eight times whiter than when you first came in. Our quick process also beats the lengthy time the store bought products take to work.

When you come in for your whitening treatment, Dr. Nicastro and Dr. Felpo will measure out a custom amount of the whitening gel to use. Our dentists will then fill trays with the gel before inserting the tray over your teeth. This customized amount of gel makes it the right amount to cover your teeth and not reach the gum line, which otherwise would cause discomfort. Drs. Nicastro and Felpo can also use a dental laser to enhance the whitening of your teeth if necessary.

Call N.J. Nicastro Dental PC in Port Jefferson Station, New York to schedule your whitening treatment with our dentists today! We look forward to whitening your smile.