Saving Your Smile With Water Flossers

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Are you familiar with the interdental cleaning tool that uses water instead of thread? These tools are known as water flossers. Water flossers are much like traditional floss in that they can easily clean between teeth safely and effectively. However, water flossers offer several unique benefits, including:

– If you are struggling with oral health conditions such as gum disease, or if you are frequently at risk for dental erosion, you can effectively clean between your teeth with a water flosser.
– Speak with our dentists about product recommendations or suggestions for your water flosser, or look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on product packaging.
– Dental prostheses or appliances often require the use of an interdental cleaning tool other than dental floss. Using traditional flos with orthodontic aligners, dental bridges, dentures and dental crowns, may not work correctly. In situations such as this, a water flosser can prove to be beneficial.
– Water flossers are highly effective because they spray streams of water between teeth to help rinse away food particles and debris. They are great for individuals who struggle with joint pain or have other issues associated with using traditional threaded floss.

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