Gum Recession: The Facts

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If you would like to protect your oral health, you probably already know that there are several things you should consider doing. In fact, you may have heard that brushing and flossing are vital to your oral health. We also recommend meeting with our team once every six months for a routine appointment. You should also feel free to contact us if you notice symptoms of a dental problem, including signs of gum recession.

Sadly, if you notice brown spots on or along your gum line, if your pearly whites seem longer, or if you have red or tender gums, you could be suffering from gum recession. This problem may also be caused by a number of other issues, which means there are a number of potential treatment options. If you brush too hard or are grinding your teeth, you might be suffering from gum recession. If your gum recession is caused by brushing, you may want to use a brush that is made with softer bristles. If you grind your teeth, you could be making strange noises when you sleep, experience painful headaches, or have a tender jaw.

Of course, it’s also vital that you remember to brush and floss your gums and teeth regularly if you’d like to prevent gum recession. If you’re interested in setting up an appointment with us, please feel free to give N.J. Nicastro Dental PC at our office in Port Jefferson Station, New York a call at 631-928-2020. Our dentist, Dr. Nicholas Nicastro Jr., and our team will gladly address any concerns you may have. We’re eager to receive your call.