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How confident are you in your oral health? Do you constantly maintain proper oral hygiene? Besides cleaning your teeth and gums, you will also want to make sure to avoid unhealthy habits, improve your diet, and look for prevention and treatment plans to employ. If you are suffering from bad breath, also known as halitosis, it may be beneficial to assess the potential causes including any underlying conditions.

If your bad breath is linked to an underlying condition in your body such as a respiratory tract infection or liver and kidney issues, you will first need to treat these issues before your bad breath can be addressed.

However, in most situations, bad breath is linked to a poor diet. If you’re constantly consuming unhealthy sweets and treats, you could be putting yourself at risk of several health ailments such as tooth decay, dental erosion and gum disease. If plaque is present in your mouth, it can convert harmful substances such as sugars and carbohydrates into acids that will chew through your tooth enamel. This can cause tooth decay which will not only damage your smile, give rise to infections and produce the foul odors that contribute to bad breath. To combat this, always make sure you are using safe and effective tools for your oral hygiene daily care. For additional help, visit your dentist for routine cleanings and examinations to assess any oral health risks you may have and any vulnerabilities in your oral hygiene care.

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