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Individuals who struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits can be susceptible to oral health problems including increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. People who also have a bad habit of putting off their routine dental exam and cleaning can also be increasingly prone to suffering the loss of one or more teeth to severe tooth decay.

In some of these instances the decayed tooth is so severely compromised that it breaks off near the gumline. In addition, a severe infection or a dental abscess may also build up in the underlying gums, which may require a complete extraction.

If you have recently lost a tooth to a severe cavity, you should strongly consider having it restored as soon as possible. Left unaddressed the void in your mouth can do more than simply hinder your ability to chew food, it could eventually start to affect the alignment and health of the surrounding teeth.

In many of these cases a dentist like Dr. Nicholas Nicastro Jr. can restore a tooth lost to untreated tooth decay by inserting a dental implant. The process starts with an outpatient procedure where a small titanium implant is securely placed into the natural bone tissues beneath the void.

When it’s ready our dentist will use special materials and professional techniques to bond an abutment to the dental implant. The small post structure will then be strong enough to support a dental crown which will closely mimic the shape and size of the tooth’s original enamel layer.

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